After spending the last 13 years in the insurance restoration business, Adam Simone felt unfulfilled. He had evaluated, written, and negotiated countless insurance claims but still didn't feel like he was helping people to the best of his ability. At that time, Adam decided that he wanted his work to have the greatest impact possible and he wanted to follow his life's passion of truly helping people. Adam quickly became licensed as a Public Adjuster in the state of North Carolina and has been helping people get what they deserve ever since.

If you've experience unforeseen damage to your property. Schedule a free claim evaluation so Adam can discuss how he can help.

Port City Adjusting Group

At Port City Adjusting Group we follow three main guidelines: honesty, integrity, and execution. When disaster strikes, most people are left overwhelmed and confused. Port City Adjusting Group specializes in representing you in the insurance claims process. We will guide you through the entire process from start to finish and ensure that you are paid everything you deserve.

Port City Adjusting Group: Services

  • Insurance Claims Management
    Filling an insurance claim can be a long and confusing process. Let Port City Adjustment Group guide you through the process and ensure you are getting everything that you deserve.
  • Contents Evaluation
    Most insurance companies hand you a spreadsheet when you experience damage to your personal property. Let Port City Adjusting Group do the leg work for you and categorize and present everything to your insurance company.
  • Damage Valuation and Negotiation
    Did you know that a public adjuster is the only person legally allowed to negotiate an insurance claim on your behalf. Restoration contractors write their estimates to make profit and insurance adjusters write their estimates to save the insurance company money. Port City Adjusting Group writes and negotiates their estimates to ensure you get everything that you deserve.